GRAVIS Enters the Blogosphere

Ben Soltoff is an American volunteer at GRAVIS and a recent graduate of Duke University

For the past two months, GRAVIS has been revamping its online presence in order to showcase its initiatives in an engaging and dynamic format. This blog is a product of those efforts. While the rest of GRAVIS website continues to serve as a source of comprehensive information about the organization, the blog is a space for news, analysis, and opinions. Posts will cover a variety of topics related to rural development, ranging from health to education to natural resources.  In this way, the blog will reflect GRAVIS’ diverse yet integrated approach.

Many voices will be expressed on the blog, including my own. As an American volunteer gaining my first exposure to rural development in India, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and perspectives. My background is in environmental science, so my posts will tend to focus on natural resources and sustainability, but I hope to touch on other topics as well. During my time at GRAVIS, I’ve noticed that the challenges facing desert communities are interrelated, such that it’s impossible to concentrate on a single subject without considering the whole.

The multi-faceted nature of GRAVIS’ work makes it well suited to benefit from the tools of the information age. Tangles of intertwined problems require networks of cooperative solutions, and 21st century technology can facilitate these networks. At no other point in history have people been so connected to one another. The new system of global communication allows ideas and information to spread faster and further than ever before. While GRAVIS’ online endeavors comprise just a tiny fragment of this system, they allow the organization to access many new partners and resources. You can help with these exciting advancements as we continue to develop them over the coming weeks. “Like” our page on Facebook, “Follow” our account on Twitter, and keep reading the blog.

Join us as we explore the boundless potential of the Internet.

*Ben Soltoff, Intern


One thought on “GRAVIS Enters the Blogosphere

  1. Stephen Paul

    Ben: Good luck to you during your time as a volunteer, and good luck to Gravis with their projects for the community in the Thar Desert.

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