Cooking with Sunshine

What weighs 2×1030 kilograms and can cook a meal in 2.5 hours? The sun!

GRAVIS recently distributed seven solar cookers to schools and women’s self-help groups (SHGs) in villages of the Thar Desert. These simple stoves harness the power sunlight, rather than relying on firewood or electricity. Firewood supplies are limited in the Thar, causing many people to cut live wood, which decreases supplies even further. Some villages have access to electricity, but for most households, electric stoves are prohibitively expensive. Sunlight, however, is free, abundant, and highly sustainable.

This project marks the first time that GRAVIS has worked with solar cookers, demonstrating our constantly evolving approach to resource conservation. We regularly implement new strategies and technologies, allowing rural communities to build on their existing knowledge in innovative and productive ways.

Last week, we held a training in Daya Kore village to teach women how to use the solar cookers. The women made a variety of appetizing dishes, including sabji (mixed vegetables), dal (lentils), dalia (porridge), halwa (sweet dish), and kheer (rice pudding). We then distributed solar cookers to one SHG and two schools in the village. We also distributed cookers to a school in Khara village and SHGs in Khidrat, Soda Dara, and Nayagon villages.

The initiative was supported by our American partner Traditional Medicinalsas part of their REVIVE project.

All of these dishes were cooked entirely with sunlight

See more photos from the training here:


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