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German Students Get Baking to Change Lives

We love stories of GRAVIS supporters from across the world using their creativity to promote the work we do, and so when we received this heartwarming letter from 3 students all the way from Germany we couldn’t resist sharing it with you…

Every year the private school “Englisches Institut” in Heidelberg in Germany focuses on a different country for a whole school year. This year India was chosen.

Our year 11 English class took this as an opportunity to use our English lessons to collect and present information about Gravis and raise awareness about their work. We made posters and hung them up in the school hall so now everyone can see them and acquire knowledge about their principles, constructions and approach.

Students made and sold cakes to raise money for the NGO
Students made and sold cakes to raise money for the NGO

We learned about life in India and the struggles some people face there on a daily basis. We decided we wanted to help them by supporting Gravis and therefore organized several fund raising events to collect money and donate it to Gravis.

Different groups of students between the age of 11 and 18 baked cakes, muffins, cookies and brownies that then were sold during our school breaks.

It was a really great experience to feel like we could do something to make a difference and help by aiding the empowerment of women and the uplifting of the poor and less privileged.

If you have an inspirational fundraising story or know someone who’s doing amazing things to help support GRAVIS, we’d love to feature your story too! Get in touch at

*Lars Eppinger, Michel Laurer & Mona Rosbach, Volunteers at GRAVIS


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