World Health Day at GRAVIS: Collective voice for right to health


World Health Day at GRAVIS: Collective voice for right to health

Healthcare is a major priority for GRAVIS, in the health services deprived region of the Thar Desert. It addresses healthcare challenges at various levels with a strong focus on public health perspectives related to prevention and education, as well as research. Through a holistic and comprehensive programme on rural health, which includes interventions in the spheres of ageing, eye care, maternal and child health, nutrition, HIV and TB, lung diseases and non communicable diseases, GRAVIS combines qualitative medical services delivery with community-based health education, training and capacity building and research. On an important event like the World Health Day, GRAVIS wishes to deepen its commitment towards public health interventions with a long term vision, and aimed at creating community based models to be replicated in needy settings across the world. The event was organized by GRAVIS on 7th April in Bap town of Jodhpur District. It was addressed by Block Chief Medical and Health Officer and attended by Senior Medical Officer of Bap Government Hospital. Pradhan and Sarpanch from local government and various representatives from Village Older People Association and like minded organization have gathered at same platform to raise their voice to generate greater awareness about health of common man.


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