Collective voice of older people to say No to Diabetics


Older people are among the poorest and most vulnerable groups in the Thar Desert of India. An action is required to deliver improvements to ageing policies in the state of Rajasthan – better access to healthcare services and improved quality of life. Health has been a major area of GRAVIS’ work and the focus has been on improving the health conditions of communities living in Thar. Health problems are also directly linked to poverty, poor hyiene practices, insufficient education and limited access to health services due to remoteness of villages, limited trained staff and high level of absenteeism among health practitioners. Primary health care in the region has not reached a large number of poor people, especially women, people belonging to the lower castes and communities living in remote areas.  The impact of all these factors can easily be traced in the dismal health indicators in the state of Rajasthan that are among the lowest in India. This year the World Health Day was observed by GRAVIS on 7th April in Kalron (Phalodi) of Jodhpur District. It was addressed by Medical and Health Officer and attended by many representatives from Government. Sarpanch from local government and various representatives from Village Development Committees (VDCs) have gathered at same platform and collectively raised their voice against non communicable diseases related to old age. Older people also received blood pressure and diabetics check-up during event.


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