New academic year begins in GRAVIS schools

Education plays a pivotal role in life because it give people the skills and tools to enhance their future, communicate effectively with each other and provides information about our existence. Therefore, GRAVIS is also contributing its handful of efforts in promotion of education on ground in Thar Desert. GRAVIS, runs over 50 schools in the Thar Desert for educating children of marginalized sections of the society, for whom going to school is an ordeal.

Merely, providing education does not ensures that children are attaining education, it also depends on several other factors, like teachers, education facility structure, its feasibility, its fee structure and others. GRAVIS is covering three major issues which prove the lifeline for high school enrollment.  First, issue which GRAVIS caters to is of Sanitation and hygiene in schools.The organization has taken care of this important factor, to build up toilets for both the sexes. The organization runs several health and hygiene related programmes in schools on monthly basis, so as to instigate the students for healthy practices of good hygiene and sanitation.

Secondly, food and nutrition becomes an issue to be addressed in Thar Desert. GRAVIS offers mid- day meal type of food supplements to its students in its schools with a special focus on girl child. It provides iron and protein supplements like, Daliya, Gud (Jaggery), Halwa, Moong ki dal ki Khichdi.  In some of the schools of GRAVIS, mid- day meal school scheme is unable to cater to the needs sufficiently, therefore, GRAVIS is fulfilling the gaps wherever required.

Lastly, feasibility to education centers is the major problem in Thar Desert, especially for girl child. The school center varies from, 1 km to 5 km distance from home in both rural and urban Thar. In urban areas distance problem can be solved by providing conveyance and availing public transportation for reaching to schools. But, in rural area the conditions are different. In some cases, school does not come under the direct covering area by public transport even. In that case GRAVIS has founded a solution by providing bicycles especially to girl child, considering their major reasons of drop out in the district (according to the survey conducted by GRAVIS).

As the new academic year has started from July 2016, certain activities like educational school tours, sanitation and health programmes have started keeping monsoon in mind. Imparting knowledge about safe and hygienic life, good nutrition consumption and enhancing the aptitude of the children are all in action at GRAVIS school centers.


*by GRAVIS team


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