Remembering Tyagi Ji

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Shri L.C.Tyagi

Tyagi Ji, the Founder of GRAVIS and one of the most distinguished social activists of India, had passed away on July 27th, 2005. .On the 11th anniversary of his demise, a remembrance meet was organised at GRAVIS Head quarters in Jodhpur on 27th July, 2016. The meet was moderated by Mahitosh Bagoria of HEDCON. Mahitosh Ji shared, Tyagi Ji’s valuable instances of life and his 37 years of dedicated social up liftment service of marginalised and needy society. He was a socialist, self believer and a true follower of Gandhian philosophy. He was a bank of knowledge and he believed in imparting knowledge.

Chairperson of GRAVIS, Dr. Dhir, described him as a simple yet special person who was always away from materialistic comforts of life.  According to him, Tyagi ji believed in the philosophy of work as his mission, and in giving your best to achieve the goals, He also shared that it was his courage and will power that in spite of so many geographical and climatic problems, set up a structure in Thar Desert called GRAVIS, which is a leading NGO nationally currently.

Dr. Mohnot, the Vice-Chair of GRAVIS, described him as, ‘Sahej, Saral and Samvedanshil’, personality. According to him, Tyagi Ji, never talked about his accomplishments and he had the art of uniting people. He was an institution by himself; therefore he could set up a structure like GRAVIS. He thanked Tyagi Ji’s family for carrying forward his thoughts and legacy.

Mridula Ji, member of GRAVIS, remembered him as of a ‘charismatic personality’. She shared her experiences of working with Tyagi Ji and the impact he had on her life. She shared his contributions to water conservation strategies in Thar Desert and seedless farming.  Shri. Satyavrat Samvedi described him as a selfless man and a mass leader. Shri. Samvedi said that he was a true Gandhian and set examples for many to follow.

The meet observed the presence of many friends and colleagues of Tyagi Ji including Dr. J. P. Gupta, Shri Sharad Ji Bhavuk, Dr, Mahendra Paliwal, Sh. Glecha, Jyoti Bothra, Shri Bhura Ram Ji, Roshan Ji and others. His entire family was also present. The meet ended on the note of holding a two minute silence in the memory of Tyagi Ji, the foundation of of GRAVIS.

After 11 years of his leaving the world, GRAVIS continues to follow his vision of empowering poor and marginalized. GRAVIS family pays its tributes to Tyagi Ji, the great leader who lived his life for poor and for the philosophy that he believed in.


*by GRAVIS team



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