A learning visit of international students to GRAVIS

GRAVIS recently hosted a group of international students studying in a Norway university and visiting Institute for Development Studies (IDS), Jaipur for a study abroad semester. 15 students came to GRAVIS for a day of presentations and lectures followed by a few days of field visits. The students understood India, the Thar Desert and the range of interventions that GRAVIS implements within rural communities. In the orientation visit at our office, GRAVIS Chair-Person Dr. R. P. Dhir talked to the students explaining India’s agricultural scene, rain-water harvesting practices of Thar, climate change and the overall life of rural communities.

Dr. Prakash Tyagi, the Executive Director of GRAVIS, explained the students GRAVIS’ philosophy, the organizational structure and its different activities. He mainly focused on livelihood and healthcare segments of GRAVIS work, and on the working methodology of GRAVIS. Ms. Nivedita, a Programme Coordinator at GRAVIS also presented GRAVIS work. Students had many questions on India, Thar and GRAVIS work as well as on international linkages.

Later, the student group visited GRAVIS projects at the field level and saw GRAVIS’ activities covering rainwater harvesting, farming, healthcare, community mobilization and support to mining groups. Overall, the group had a fairly extensive exposure of GRAVIS and its work.

GRAVIS welcomes such exchanges through which it can show its work to the outside world as well to receive suggestions and feedback for its future work. We wish the Norwegian students a good and productive stay in India.


*by GRAVIS team



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