Dr. Nicholas Grey and Dr. Mary Grey disseminate their new book “Thirsting for Water”


Dr. Nicholas Grey and Dr. Mary Grey

Dr. Nicholas and Dr. Mary Grey, a dedicated couple and co-founders of Wells for India, UK, visited GRAVIS’ headquarters in Jodhpur on January 18th, 2017 to disseminate their new book which chronicles efforts to procure water in the rural desert areas of India.

The book was shared by Greys at an event attended by board members of Wells for India, board members & staff of GRAVIS, eminent scientists, activists and students.

The Greys have co-authored “Thirsting for Water: The 30 Year Search of Wells for India.” Wells for India is a UK based charity that supports various water related projects in the Thar Desert of India. The book is an account of the couple’s founding of the organization in 1987 and the subsequent three decades spent securing water for the millions of people who call the Indian desert their home.

“Thirsting for Water” describes GRAVIS and its key collaboration with Wells for India. The two organizations first partnered on a watershed project in Bhalu village and continued joint efforts on water security. The book applauds GRAVIS for its comprehensive outreach beyond water conservation which includes education, healthcare and advocacy for India’s most marginalized citizens. The book goes on to acknowledge the efforts made by LC and Shashi Tyagi, the co-founders of GRAVIS.

“But because GRAVIS works closely with communities at grassroots level, this ensures that deep change can be effected across all areas of life, and for all members of society,” the Greys wrote in “Thirsting for Water.”

Many of India’s problems and its poorer areas remain hidden amidst India’s positive and growing image, according to Mary Grey.

“Indian cities are well developed. Indians prize education and yet there is this vast problem of these thousands of villages which are underdeveloped and people lack access to the basic needs of life, like water,” Mary Grey said. “That continues to shock me.”

The couple hopes their book compels people across the world to appreciate the resources they have.

“It might shock some people as to what we take for granted,” Mary Grey said. “Tapped water, swimming pools, baths and so on, is something that is never experienced by large parts of Asia and Africa.”

According to the Wells for India website, with the help of partnerships of organizations like GRAVIS, 1.2 million people in 1,500 villages have been helped through 1.3 billion liters of water harvested.

“People deserve to have good drinking water,” Nicholas Grey said.

Water conservation and reaching out to the poorest communities is a key priority for GRAVIS. The organization will continue its work to enhance drinking water availability in the Thar Desert of India and in other parts of the world including East Africa where it is supporting communities in Kenya and Malawi. GRAVIS extends its gratitude to its many partners and donors around the world including Wells for India.

We deeply admire the passion and vision of Nicholas and Mary Grey for founding Wells for India and we extend our thanks for our 20 year partnership.

*by Laura Michels, Volunteer


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