Honouring Nisar Ahmad Ansari

On the evening of October 25th, GRAVIS organized a solemn event in honor of the civil engineer Mr. Nisar Ahmad Ansari, a distinguished member of GRAVIS Governing Board. The event took place in the main office of GRAVIS in Jodhpur and around 35 people from different institutions attended to thank Mr. Ansari for the great work he has done over the years. The team of GRAVIS welcomed many guests of honor, among them were Mr. Ghanshyam Ojha, Mayor of Jodhpur, Dr. R.P. Dhir, Chairman of GRAVIS and Former Director of CAZRI and Dr. S.M.Mohnot, Vice Chairman of GRAVIS and retired Professor of the JNVU.

Mr. Ansari’s curriculum is quite extensive, he did not only lecture about civil engineering and was the head of the civil engineering department of the Jai Narain Vyas Universityof Jodhpur, but was in addition to that the man in charge of the Regional Housing Development Centre of Jodhpur. Besides these full-time jobs Mr. Ansari is well-known for his great effort in charity work. Mr. Ojha, Dr. Dhir and Dr. Mohnot appreciated Mr. Ansari’s contributions and shared their experiences.

Mr. Ojha, Mr. Ansari & Ms. Tyagi

The celebrations gave the GRAVIS staff the opportunity to personally thank Mr. Ansari for the support he provided over the last 30 years.

Mr. Ansari frequently trained the GRAVIS staff and shared his construction skills with them. He helped designing the blueprints for the hospital and a number of schools and community centres. He has always been a great support. The great success of GRAVIS would not have been possible without the participation of Mr. Ansari.

Mr. Ansari has been a very important person for GRAVIS, especially for Mr. Rajendra Kumar. He has already been working with GRAVIS for 30 years and told the audience that he gained almost his entire knowledge about constructions from Mr. Ansari. Mr. Kumar highlighted the importance of people like Mr. Ansari for the society.

Ms. Tyagi speaking

Shashi Tyagi, one of the founders of GRAVIS, retold the story about one of the first visits to a village in the establishment years of the organization. When Mrs. Tyagi and Mr. Anshari first came to the Badi village, they only found two families living there. Due to a lack of water all other families migrated. With the help of the Jalam Singh family and Mr. Ansari’s construction designs, GRAVIS started to build wells. Nowadays more than 100 families returned to their hometown.

The whole team of GRAVIS and all guests wish Mr. Ansari all the best for his future and are very grateful for the years of alliance.

*by Lisa, Volunteer



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