Germany-India exchange at GRAVIS

GRAVIS has worked with many volunteers. Some from India and some from all over the world. Even as a volunteer you get the chance to pursue an independent and meaningful work. A lot of blog entries were written by volunteers, just to gives small example.

Great about an international exchange is, that involved people can learn from each other and many clichés and prejudices can be removed. With such an exchange you get an insight into a foreign culture and views.

My name is Lena, I’m from Frankfurt, Germany and am working for six months as a volunteer for GRAVIS. Ever since I am here I learned so much about India. So that this exchange is not only one-sided, me and Sonja, another volunteer, give lectures about our home country for our Indian colleagues. We plan to give a presentation every month.

After the presentation, many questions were asked about health care and religion. In Germany, a lot of people are not religious anymore. Moreover, we have a different health care system as in India. Every German citizen have to has statutory health insurance, so any need for medical help is treated immediately. The system is financed by taxes.

The main topic of today’s Presentation was geography and demography, to give anoverview about Germany. In addition, we have spoken about Christmas, because it is winter season. Christmas is the most important festival for most of the Germans because the whole family comes together. A lot of Germans move out after graduation and they don’t see their family that often. Further questions were asked about economy, politics, and history, which we will talk about in our next lecture.

Lena Boehning                                                                                             

Volunteer from Germany                                                                       

 Communication Coordinator at GRAVIS


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