Greys remember Gandhi with GRAVIS and GPF

The event, Baa and Bapu (Baa stands for Gandhi’s wife, Kastrurba, and Bapu for Gandhi) took place on the January 14th 2019 on 4 pm at the Gandhi Peace Foundation (GPF) in Jodhpur. It was organized by GPF and GRAVIS. Mr Devendra Nath Modi was the Chairman and Mr Dhermesh Rutea was the coordinator of this event. It was a talk on Gandhian Philosophy and the audiences consisted of many local citizens of Jodhpur.

At the beginning, guest of honor Dr. Nicholas and Dr. Mary Grey, Ms Shashi Tyagi and Mr Devendra Neth Modi showed their respect for Gandhi, by praying and laying a flower in front of a picture of him. This was followed by a song, which was based on human values and stressed that all religions are respected and valued. Guests were that honoured with a Khadi garland.

Afterwards, Mary and Nicholas Grey were introduced. Both are co-founders of Wells for India (now Water Harvest) and have often worked together with GRAVIS. Then, the work and the historical background of the GPF were presented. They are promoting Gandhi’s values and also have collaborated with GRAVIS. Shashi Tyagi, co-founder and secretary of GRAVIS, also talked about the collaboration of these organizations and her experience with Mary and Nicholas Grey. The length of cooperation has created a close connection between GRAVIS and them. In the presentation, Mary said, “live simply so that others may simply live”. She explained that “there is enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed, as Gandhi had said.” She also gave the advice that before you take any action think of the poorest person you know and ask yourself, “Will it help him or her or not?”

In their presentation, Mary and Nicholas talked about their lives, their family and how Gandhi has inspired them and many others in England. They talked about the future of Gandhian thoughts and related it to a stream that joins the larger stream of humanity and kindness. They emphasized that Gandhian ideology has great relevance across all cultures around the world.

The programme ended with a note of thanks from GPF. It was a very good event to remember Gandhian values and to hear the perspectives from visitors from the UK.

As we have seen Gandhi’s Values have long spread over the borders of India. He inspired people all over the world. People from different countries had worked together to help the poorest. It will be the same in the future. An example was also this evening on which both Europeans and Indians were present. Gandhi brings people together.

Lena Boehning



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