A conversation with Greys, Jean Boulton-Reynolds and Dennis Barrow

Dr. Mary and Dr. Nicholas Grey, the co-founders of Wells for India (now Water Harvest) as well as Jean and Dennis, supporters of their work, have often visited GRAVIS. With them, many GRAVIS board members and other guests got together in the headquarters of the NGO in Jodhpur on the January 15th, 2019.

It was an emotional and interesting evening with a lot of personal stories shared. Dr. R.P. DHIR (President of GRAVIS Governing Board), Dr. S.M. Mohnot (Vice President of GRAVIS Governing Board) and Dr. J.P. Gupta (Member of GRAVIS Governing Board) told about their experiences and connections of the Greys and Wells for India. They talked about the problems of the Thar desert, especially about water-related challenges.  Afterward, Dr. Nicholas Grey and Shashi Tyagi (Secretary and co-founder of GRAVIS) talked about the beginning of their organizations and the problems they had to face. They spoke about how Gandhian ideology inspired and encourages them for their work. Dr. Mary Grey also spoke about her work on gender. Dr. T.S. Bhati (Retd .Principle Scientist, CAZRI Jodhpur) Jean and Dennis shared personal stories about their experience of the social pressure on Indian women. Ms Asha Bothra spoke about environment and gender.

Last but not least, GRAVIS honored Mary and Nicholas Grey for their work and for the support to GRAVIS with a certificate. Jean and Dennis were honoured too.

After the ceremony, the main event was over, but many people stayed longer to talk to each other. I was an informative meeting with exchanging thoughts of different people, who work for the same goals and GRAVIS looks forward to many more years of such collaboration and visits.

Lena Boehning

Volunteer from Germany

Communications Coordinator


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